So much happened today at #selfhelpfest I don’t even know where tobegin, but it was one of my favorite festivals I’ve been too. Saw my favorite band Issues, crowd surfed during my other favorite band Bring Me The Horizon and finally got to see A Day To Remember live! Too excited for the American Dream Tour Next week! #luckyasfuck

Another picture from last night. Center 2nd row for The Used and Taking Back Sunday. #TakingBackSunday #HollywoodPalladium #SpringBreak14

Push our way to being in the second row for The Used and Taking back Sunday last night.
Seriously though this band has gotten me through some much during my childhood. I’ve been in kind of a rut lately and when The Used played The Taste of Ink I felt like how I did back then when I used to listen to them. One of my favorite bands ever. #TheUsed #AppreciationPost #SoldOutShowsAreTheBestShows

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I’ll tell you a secret, my favorite color is black. #BlackOnBlackOnBlack #WithADashOfGold


Michael and Skyler, Issues | Megan Leetz 

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